Top 5 Reasons To Use Online Personality Testing

Recruitment personality tests are a great way to get more data from candidates and make better hiring decisions.

When hiring, you are commiting to invest a huge amount of money as people are expensive.So it is really important that you make the right hiring decision and get your money’s worth.

Organisations have been conducting online personality testing for for a long time however we are seeing an upsurge in its use for a wide range of reasons.

We can no longer trust what candidates write in their CVs. Some surveys have indicated up to 80% of CVs contain falsehoods.

Let’s face it, the traditional predictors of performance, (qualifications, skills and work experience) are no longer reliable. They are no longer enough when it comes to predicting a candidate’s future performance.

For now we will explore why many employers are increasingly conducting online personality testing.

Reduce the risk By Using Online Personality Testing

The reality is that most people will struggle to cope with your job. They do not have the personality type that can cope for the long haul. Regardless of their qualifications, work experience or skills, only a minority of people will have the right personality type to do your job well, month after month.

Recruiting a new employee is a risky business. They not only stand a chance of making a mess of their job but they may upset your existing staff and / or your customers.

This is a massive expenditure of money. As a line manager you are hardly ever going to invest more cash than when you hire someone, thus you truly want to make sure of everything you can to lower the risk.

Even if you use a recruiting agency, you do not eliminate the risk. You need to adopt a keen interest in your recruitment and put in dependable techniques if you are to really lessen the risk.

Save a lot of time by using Online psychometric test

You might of course do what most managers do and job interview every applicant. After all the job interview is a form of online personality testing. However this is an very costly choice.

Using testing can save you hours and days of redundant interview time. Better to spend time with candidates that are apt to work out rather than throw away time with candidates that would never be right.

Lower your outlay

Recruiting is an pricey matter. A recent contact centre estimated that each extra person they hire costs them up to £16,000. ($25,000)

Imagine what your more senior appointments cost you.

If you make a mistake and have to begin over all over again then its a giant waste of cash. online personality testing can help cut the cost of getting it wrong.

Provide yourself an edge

If your company recruits superior people than your rivals then chances are you will create yourself a competitive edge.

A slight competitive edge can append a zero to your share price or your takings. Use online personality tests to develop your superior hiring procedure and provide your business a considerable competitive edge.

Businesses invest millions trying to unearth an edge in the marketplace and here’s one that’s right in front of you.

The majority line managers live in hope of hiring the best individual. Instead you might invest your time and energy into developing the most sturdy employment method, thus making sure you hire the finest people, time and again.

Delight your team
Your staff will be concerned about who you are going to hire as they have to live with the consequences. Get it wrong and their job can become a nightmare.

Using some testing can help reduce the risk. Get staff involved in the hiring process. Suggest to them to consider the results. Online Personality Testing can make a huge difference to your business.